A staggering 67% of Australians are unhappy with their smile.


Take Your Smile Assessment


Visit www.aesthetik.com.au  and click on “Am I A Candidate?” to take your free smile assessment. Answer a few quick questions about your smile goals to ensure clear aligners are right for you. Or alternatively you can visit us in person at our store in Hispoint shopping centre.



Now we really show you our chops. Candid’s network of dentists studies your impressions and photos to outline your custom treatment plan aka the roadmap to your dream smile.


Your 3D Model and the New You


The big reveal: You’ll receive a dynamic 3D model that illustrates, step-by-step how your teeth will shift into your dream smile over time. Once you approve your super-cool 3D model, your aligners are created and shipped to you!


Your Aligners Discreetly Work Their Magic


Now it’s time wear your Candid aligners…wait, are you wearing them? We can’t tell. Yep, our aligners are pretty hard to spot. We use an advanced polymer to create your aligners, a clear material which is strong enough to shape your smile, and yet totally invisible.


Complimentary Whitening and cleans

With Candid, your smile just isn’t right until it shines bright! Okay, we just came up with that — but the point is, you’ll receive a complimentary whitening treatment with your aligners. The whitening foam also serves to clean your aligners. Now if that isn’t convenient and efficient, I don’t know what is.