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In our business, we understand the simple fact that everyone wants to look their best. However, this doesn’t mean that aesthetic appeal should not come without proper dental health and hygiene. At Aesthetik, we offer dental makeovers that begin with a thorough consultation of your dental health, which are completed by holistic cosmetic dental services that help you smile your best, always. For a smile transformation that will have you smiling more confidently and more often, remember our name: Aesthetik.

Our smile makeovers have left some of our existing patients beaming with their subsequent visits, telling us how those around them have been quick to notice the visible improvement to their dentistry. Be it for a teeth whitening service, or a more permanent dental solution, know that our team is always ready to provide you with our best. If you’ve been searching for smile makeover procedures in Melbourne, you’d find us conveniently located in the Eastland and Highpoint shopping centres. We operate two clinics in Ringwood and Maribyrnong separately, and are well-equipped to deliver an effective mix of dental makeover services, depending on what you need.

Living Your Best Life through a Smile Transformation

Plenty of our patients consult with us on matters to do with improving their smiles. These requests can be associated with a wide range of dental conditions. Some as minor as stained teeth from daily coffee drinking, to other more serious issues caused by damaged or missing teeth. Regardless, our cosmetic dental clinic can provide comprehensive and holistic treatment to help you achieve a smile transformation Melbourne dentists can regard as being among the best.

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    Depending on the state of your dental health, and the type of smile makeover you desire, our clinics are able to provide:

    All our smile makeover procedures are carried out after thorough consultation with our patients to understand their specific needs. It all depends on what your objectives are, to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. We often recommend a course of treatment that takes a variety of specialisations into account, especially for patients who present with more complicated dentistry. Examples of these can include smile makeovers that require dental implants or surgery. In such cases, it helps to have a thorough consultation with our dental clinic. All our cosmetic dental treatments are tailored to take not just the end result into consideration, but your schedule and budget too.

    A Smile Makeover That’s Sure to Be Noticed

    For a smile makeover Melbourne dentists regard as being among the safest and most efficient, consult with our team at Aesthetik right away. Our holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right mix of treatment methods to help you achieve your best possible smile. When it comes to finding a suitable smile makeover procedure Melbourne residents can often be faced with numerous options. Finding the right cosmetic dentist involves being able to develop trust in their professional ability, as well as feeling reassured that their recommendations will keep your best interests in mind always. Regardless of the specificity of your needs, we will do our best to help you smile your brightest.

    When it comes to developing a tailor-suited smile makeover procedure Melbourne residents can regard as effective and with trust and transparency, we do all that we can to walk our patients through at every step of their transformation journey. Right from your first consultation, you’ll immediately be able to recognise how we involve our patients by keeping them informed on any decision making to do with treatment selection, as well as the outcomes they are able to expect, post-treatment. Regardless, we always strive to provide smile transformations that leave our patients speaking highly of our clinic and services.

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    Our friendly team of cosmetic dentists are always ready to consult with you to better understand your needs. When it comes to helping our patients achieve their best possible smile, know that we spare no option in helping them find the best available mix of treatment methods. You are always welcome to book a consultation at either of our clinics, when you call us on 1800 861 343. We are located at two locations in Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, and at Highpoint Shopping Centre in Maribyrnong.

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