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We’ve wrapped up some of the common questions in our FAQs below.
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Q. What is a smile consultation?

Our smile consultations are designed specifically for patients who want to improve the appearance of their smile but don’t know what options they have. In this consultation a variety of dental treatments will be explored and discussed with the patient depending on suitability.

Q. Why is it advised to have a smile consultation?

This is to provide our team of practitioners the opportunity assess your smile in person and create a tailored plan to achieving your specific goals. When a plan is created our team take into account not only aesthetic results however functionality and the utmost care for your dental health.

Q. How much do you charge?

Our smile consultations are FREE and also includes a complimentary review follow up appointment. We will also provide free x-rays in your treatment plan.

Q. What is the duration of a smile consultation?

The consultation is for an hour duration. In this consultation a full Itero scan will be taken along with the photos to create your plan. A detailed treatment plan and price will be provided to you in your consultation

What should I expect from a dental clean?

A dental clean will be performed by one of our friendly dental practitioners. They will assess your teeth and gums for any problematic areas that may be present.
They will then proceed to remove any plaque, tartar and stains from your teeth and gums using an ultrasonic scaler and lastly give them a polish with a ‘gritty’ like toothpaste to help further remove any plaque or staining.

What is plaque and tartar?

Plaque is a build-up of bacteria that accumulates around your teeth and gum line.
Tartar on the other hand are harder product that is created after plaque resides on your teeth for an extended period of time.

Will a dental clean hurt?

Dental cleans should not be painful and our lovely dental practitioners will make this experience comfortable for you.

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?

A routine dental check-up and clean is recommended every six months.

How can I maintain clean teeth at home?

Brushing two times a day, once on the morning and once at night before bed for 2 minutes.
Flossing once a day to remove any plaque in between the teeth and underneath the gum.

What happens if I don’t keep my teeth clean?

If plaque is left to accumulate around your teeth, it can cause issues like tooth decay and cavities or long-term conditions like gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Why are my gums bleeding?

It is not uncommon for some patients to bleed slightly as plaque and tartar are removed.
Bleeding gums may be a sign that there is plaque and bacteria underneath the gum.
A dental clean is recommended if you have not already had one. Regular flossing and warm salt water rinses can also help.

When should my child visit the dentist?

As young as the age of two.

How do I know whitening is for me?

Teeth whitening is a great way to improve the appearance of your smile and is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment in Australia. We perform consultations before any whitening treatment to ensure that you are a suitable candidate and discuss options available to you.

What is the difference of whitening at Aesthetik and beauty salons?

We use Australia’s #1 requested professional whitening brand and our service is performed by registered and trained dental professionals only. Our whitening formula is prohibited for use in beauty salons and manufactured for practitioner use only.

Our team is highly qualified and trained, eliminating potential problems such as lack of infection control and careless product application, that can cause irritation to your teeth and gums.

Will I see results?

The results speak for themselves! Our formula provides 8-12 shades whiter teeth lightening teeth beyond their natural shade. Unsafe or improper use of whitening products could necessitate costly restorative treatment. We provide safe treatment, protecting your teeth whilst delivering high quality results.
If you choose in-office treatment, you should notice your results immediately. With at-home care, the results will appear gradually as you progress through the course of your treatment.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

On average, you can expect to have whiter teeth for 6 to 9 months after teeth whitening, but this will vary from person to person and depending on lifestyle factors. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is key to prolonged results and having our convenient and cost effective dental cleans available, Aesthetik can maintain your white smile all year round!

What’s the difference between in-chair teeth whitening and a take-home kit?

Both in-chair and at-home professional whitening can be great options. There is no “right” or “wrong” choice; in-chair whitening may be a better choice if you are looking for the fastest and most dramatic results possible. At-home treatment involves using a custom take-home tray that will give you a more gradual result over a few weeks. This may be the optimal choice if you are on a budget or you want to whiten your teeth in the convenience of your own home. The take home kits are customised and can be used in conjunction with in- chair whitening treatment to maintain your new tooth colour.
We help you choose the right treatment for your budget, lifestyle, and dental health when you take advantage of our consultation.

What’s the process for in-chair teeth whitening?

Following your consultation, we recommend that patients have their teeth professionally cleaned by us to remove any plaque build-up and ensure optimum results. we then go ahead with the in-chair whitening procedure which involves placing a shield over your lips, gums and cheeks. We then proceed with placing our whitening gel over your teeth and securing our LED zoom lamp over the mouth shield. The cycle duration is 15 minutes with a total of 4 rounds included.

What do I need to do following my teeth-whitening treatment?

During the first 24-48 hours of whitening, the tooth becomes more susceptible to absorbing stains. That means you’ll need to avoid certain foods and drinks such as red wine, coffee, tea and coloured soft drinks. You may return as per normal after two days post treatment.

Will teeth whitening make my crowns, bridges and veneers whiter?

Cosmetic teeth whitening works better on your natural teeth and will only bring your crowns, bridges and veneers back to their original colour.
If you’re considering getting a crown or veneer, you should whiten your teeth before having the material created, so the Dentist can match the new tooth to your whiter teeth and the artificial surface won’t stand out if you whiten later.

Will teeth whitening harm my teeth?

Clinical studies have shown that whitening your teeth under the supervision of a dental professional is completely safe for your teeth and gums, not causing any type of enamel stripping. Our whitening solution contains amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), which is clinically proven to reduce sensitivity, protect enamel and help improve the smoothness of your teeth.
During your consultation, if we detect a weak area we may suggest you have the work completed prior to undergoing the teeth whitening process.

Is there anyone that cannot have teeth whitening?

Some dental practitioners warn against bleaching your teeth while pregnant or breastfeeding.
No current studies have documented any harm caused to the fetus; however, because pregnancy is such a delicate time for a baby, it is suggested that you should not be whitening while pregnant.
There are options for breastfeeding mothers which involves expressing milk sustainable for 2 days after the whitening treatment.
In general whitening tends to work best for stained teeth, but not on teeth that are discoloured from injury or medications.

What are the possible side effects after whitening?

Mild tooth sensitivity can occur after whitening however this is normally a short-term side effect that will subside within hours/ days. If your teeth become sensitive, a professional fluoride treatment is often helpful in relieving any sensitivity.


Results may vary per individual and any procedure carries its own risks and benefits. Prior to proceeding an assessment is required to determine suitability, we welcome you to seek a second opinion from an appropriate practitioner. Ask us if teeth whitening is the right choice for you.


What are dental veneers?

A veneer is a layer of material placed over the front of a tooth which will improve the aesthetics of your smile. And/or protects the tooth surface from any damage.

How long will veneers last?

Dental veneers can last up to 10-15 years and can increase with the strength of porcelain, although like the natural surfaces of teeth, they can be susceptible to damage.

Do veneers stain?

Veneers are made from a porcelain material that is not porous and therefore not susceptible to staining like enamel is.

What is the cost of veneers?

At the appointment we will discuss with you different options and the cost involved with the path you choose.

Will the veneers be the same colour as the rest of my teeth?

Veneers can be made to the colour of your choice.

Can veneers chip and fall off?

Veneers are a permanent restoration they very rarely chip or fall off, although in the rare occasion this can happen. In this case, the veneer can be bonded back or repaired.

What is the process? How long does the process go for?

With veneers, we have a consultation with you where we scan your teeth for a 3D image of your teeth. We will then discuss the different options we offer, and the costs involved with these options.
A mock up of your teeth with veneers will be made for you to see before.

How long do porcelain veneers last?

Veneers can last a long time but a lot depends on how you take care of them. You must maintain good oral hygiene brushing and flossing twice a day, and also have 3- 6 monthly examinations with us.

Habits that damaged your natural teeth, like biting pens and pencils, opening bottle tops with your teeth and biting your nails will also damage your veneers. Para functional or nocturnal habits such as Clenching and Grinding can cause the veneers to “De-Bond” or fracture. You will be assessed, and a dental splint or night guard will be provided, at additional cost, to protect your smile. If front teeth have multiple fillings and not much tooth structure left, then a crown rather than a veneer may need to be done. This is an additional cost. It is the patient’s responsibility to immediately inform the doctor and seek attention from him/her should any under or unexpected problems occur, or if the patient is dissatisfied. Also, all instructions must be diligently followed, including scheduling and attending all appointments along with retainer wear after treatment.

Do you offer a warranty on your porcelain veneer work?

Aesthetik offers a 5-year warranty for porcelain veneers and premium crowns. 1 year warranty is offered for generic crowns. If a retainer is declined and not purchased with your treatment the warranty offer is not applicable. If you have consented to a retainer and are not wearing it as recommended, then your warranty period is also voided.


Results may vary per individual and any procedure carries its own risks and benefits. Prior to proceeding an assessment is required to determine suitability, we welcome you to seek a second opinion from an appropriate practitioner. Ask us if veneers is the right choice for you.

What are implants?

Implants are metal posts or frames that are surgically positioned into the jawbone. They are used to replace a tooth that is missing.

What is the cost of implants?

At the appointment we will discuss with you the different options and the costs involved with the path you choose.

What is involved with getting implants?

Our practitioner will check if the gap is large enough to place an implant and check the bone level. An x-ray will also be required to check the density of the bone.

How long do they last?

An implant is like your natural teeth. The longevity of the implant depends on how you look after your oral health.

How do you look after implants?

Implants are cared for the same way as your natural teeth by brushing twice a day, flossing and regular dental check-ups.


Results may vary per individual and any procedure carries its own risks and benefits. Prior to proceeding an assessment is required to determine suitability, we welcome you to seek a second opinion from an appropriate practitioner. Ask us if a dental implant is the right choice for you.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign treatment starts with a consultation with an Invisalign-trained doctor. Your Invisalign Doctor will evaluate your smile and then map out a precise, customised digital treatment plan that showcases the step-by-step transformation of your smile.
Once you approve your plan, your unique aligners will be created. You will wear each set of aligners for 20 to 22 hours a day, changing to a new set of aligners every 1 to 2 weeks, as directed by your Invisalign Doctor. Each set of aligners will gently and gradually shift your teeth into place, according to your treatment plan, towards your beautiful new smile.

How do I start my Smile Styler Journey?

We perform consultations to assess your teeth and work with achieving your desired smile goal. In this visit we will take a 3D scan of your smile, photos and answer any other questions you may have. Your tailored treatment plan will then be created and discussed with you in this visit.

How much is treatment?

A starting price from $2,990* is a general guide. Depending on your treatment plan, this price may change. The price is tailored specifically to your treatment plan considering time frame and number of aligners, this will be discussed during your consultation with our lovely team.

How long is the treatment?

Treatment time frame will depend on your case and severity of teeth needing alignment. This can range from 3 months onwards. Treatment can also be accelerated using the Vpro5 (express gadget) which may reduce treatment time by up to 50%*.

Are they visible?

The aligners are made of a clear plastic material, and if any attachments are needed, they are placed with a composite resin material. Clear aligners are an almost invisible alternative to conventional braces.

Do the aligners need to be worn every day?

Yes, they should be worn minimum of 22 hours a day. The only time they should not be worn is during eating or drinking anything other than water.

Can I claim my treatment through my health fund?

This depends on your health fund cover and personal membership. Our team can provide you with codes required for the treatment to check directly with your Health insurance company.


Invisalign is a clear aligner system that works by using your dental 3D scan to design a custom treatment plan for your teeth. Ask us if Invisalign is the right option for you. Always make sure to consult your dentist or orthodontics & use only as recommended.

Q. Areas that are treated?

– Frown Lines

– Crows Feet

– Forehead Lines

Full aftercare instructions are given to all our clients post treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Q. How long will treatments take?

After an in depth initial consultation,treatments usually take 10 minutes and are relatively pain free.

Q. What will I expect during my initial consultation?

A full consultation, facial assessment and medical history will be completed prior to any treatment being undertaken to determine if the treatment is suitable to the clients needs and concerns.This usually takes 30 minutes.

Q. How long will the treatment last?

Anti wrinkle treatments will last anywhere between 3 – 4 months depending on the individual.

Q. When will I start to see results?

Usually by day 4 you will begin to notice mild changes, however it isn’t until day 14 that the full effect of your treatment will be recognisable.

Q. Is Anti Wrinkle Treatment safe?

Anti Wrinkle treatments have been used for decades to treat clients, however there are exceptions and these include:- Pregnant women

– Breastfeeding Mothers

– Certain Medical conditions as well as certain Medications.

Some clients may experience slight redness, mild swelling or even bruising for a couple of days post treatment, however these resolve fairly quickly.

Q. Areas that are treated ?

– Cheeks- Lips

Dermal Fillers are injected into areas that have lost plumpness and volume.

Q. What is involved in the treatment?

Dermal Fillers are injected with a very fine needle. Some Dermal Fillers have a local anaesthetic in the filler which makes treatment more comfortable.Dermal Fillers last between 12 – 18 months depending on skin type, lifestyle choices and skin care regime.

Q. Is treatment safe?

At Aesthetik only proven and tested Fillers are used. These Fillers can be reversed if needed.Dermal Fillers should not be used:

– If you suffer from certain medical conditions or on certain types of medications

– If pregnant or breast feeding

Q. Can you have lip fillers and teeth whitening on the same day?

We advise to book teeth whitening first at least 48 hours piror to your lip filler appointment This is to enable enough healing process(2 weeks) for your lip filler post treatment.

Q. Do you accept all health funds?

We do! Our clinics are filly equipped with on-the-spot claiming with HICAPS, allowing you to simply swipe your health fund card and receive an instant rebate towards your treatment. You will be eligible for all the same benefits you’re currently entitled to with your fund, depending on your level of cover and yearly limits. It’s always best to contact your health fund directly to confirm the details of your cover.

Q. What will my insurance cover?

All health insurance policies are different and coverage for dental services can vary, so we recommend that you speak with your health insurance provider for details. Most private health funds split dental procedures into two categories, General Dental and Major (cosmetic) Dental, however the level of cover varies by your individual policy plan and insurer.

Q. What is my Level of cover?

With some exceptions, your private health insurance fund will only cover a portion of the cost of the most common dental procedures. The rest, which you have to pay, is often referred to as the ‘gap’. Your expenses will vary based on the procedure you need, your health cover, and more. If in doubt, ask our friendly team how much something costs before making any appointments.

Q. Are you a preferred members clinic?

We choose not to participate in the preferred member scheme. Preferred provider of major private health funds are contracted dentists who meet the fee criteria of the health funds. They are not chosen based on their standard of practice. We believe you have the right to choose health providers who you are most comfortable with and can provide you with the most suitable treatment available. Your choices shouldn’t be influenced by private health funds. All our practices are standardised with the same fee schedule, reinforcing our commitment to patient-centred care and an outstanding customer experience.

Q. Do you bulk bill?

Children under the age of 17 can now be bulk billed with the Child Dental Care Scheme. Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides eligible children with up to $1,000 in benefits for basic dental services, capped over two consecutive calendar years. To be eligible a child must be aged between 2-17 years and family’s must receive Family Tax Benefit Part A or a relevant Australian Government payment. We will bulk bill this service without any additional charge.

Q. Do you accept health insurance claims for orthodontic treatments?

Yes we do, however it is your responsibility to discuss and determine with your insurer what your rebate and entitlements are to ensure you maximise your benefits. Some health insurance policy’s will only provide a rebate to orthodontists and as Aesthetik is a general dental clinic with a special interest in orthodontic treatments, your insurer may not be able to offer the rebate at our clinic. Aesthetik makes no guarantees regarding any of your entitlements. We endeavour to keep our orthodontic prices competitive, so please be sure to compare quotes.

Q. Are there any treatments with a nil rebate?

Policies vary widely between different health funds. There are differences in what they will cover and how much they will pay. There may also be limits on how much you can claim each year. It’s important to check what’s included in your cover before you receive treatment. You can find what your health fund covers in the ‘General treatment, Extras or Ancillary’ section of your policy. We also offer on the spot HICAPS quotes at all our clinic locations to help assist you with this process.

Q. Are your providers specialists in their chosen field?

Our providers are general dentists who have a special interest in cosmetic dentistry. Many have undertaken post graduate studies in their chosen interests. It is important to speak with your Dentist during your visit with us to determine their level of qualification. If you or our team request a specialist to manage your treatments, we can provide a referral for you.

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    Results may vary per individual and any procedure caries its own risks and benefits. Prior to proceeding an assessment is required to determine suitability, we welcome you to seek a second opinion from an appropriate practitioner. Please use only as recommended by your Dentist.

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