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Our Mission

We aim to specialise in a holistic approach of facial aesthetics.Our purpose is to revolutionize dentistry into a modern and relaxed environment. We deliver the highest quality treatment, providing you with a white healthy smile all year round


Opportunities don’t happen. We create them.
The secret to our success is to do the common thing uncommonly well.

Our Promise


We offer convenient shopping centre opening hours, operating 7 days a week. We strive to incorporate dental health into your beauty regime, to provide you with clean, whiter teeth whatever your lifestyle choices may be.


We have implemented an alternative style to dentistry, focusing on a positive, relaxed and open environment. Our qualified and experienced team are passionate and aim to make your visit as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Cost effective

Our competitive price will guarantee results without breaking the budget, enabling you with the flexibility to receive professional services for any occasion. We offer interest free payment plans

Our Services

We specialise in Dento-facial aesthetics which aims at giving you optimum confidence by looking beyond the mouth to facial features and aesthetics that frame your entire smile.Our state of the art software and manufacturing technologies use thermal mapping frameworks to assess how your desired smile will enhance your overall facial features.


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