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What are Dental Implants?


A dental implant involves replacing lost or missing teeth as a long-term solution for functionality and appearance.

Dental implants can be thought of as artificial roots that are securely anchored in the jaw. They are cylindrical devices made of medical grade titanium which are placed in the site of a missing tooth or teeth where they biologically bond with the bone and are capped with a ceramic crown that matches existing teeth.

Dental implants are now widely used to:

  • right arrow Replace a single tooth (or many single teeth using one implant per tooth).
  • right arrow Secure a full or partial implant supported ceramic fixed bridge.
  • right arrow Retain removable dentures to prevent movement and dramatically improve the stability
  • right Assist with chewing foods where missing teeth may cause restrictions
  • right arrow Dental Implants can prevent facial sagging and premature ageing

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Creating your new smile is a medical procedure, not just a cosmetic one. Our team is dedicated to delivering results that take into account your smile goals combined with our level of expertise to create your smile transformation.

At Aesthetik we use Digital Smile Design and take into account your teeth, gums, lips and smile with the facial features in motion to create your new perfect smile. The best part of what we do is being part of your smile journey together and seeing your complete smile come to life!

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Learn more about what to expect from our dental implant services with our frequently asked questions.

What Are Dental Implants?

For those looking for a long-term solution to replace missing teeth, dental implants may seem like the perfect solution.

These cylindrical devices are surgically inserted into the jaw, providing a strong foundation for a ceramic crown that is designed to match the colour and size of your real teeth.

Not only do dental implants restore functionality and appearance, but they also eliminate the need for dentures or bridges. Implants can even help to prevent bone loss and maintain facial structure. 

Plus, with proper care, they can last a lifetime. If you need any more convincing, check out the dental implants before and after images available on our website.

If you’re searching for a beautiful, long-lasting solution to your dental problems, consider investing in dental implants. 

How To Prepare For Dental Implant Surgery?

Your Aésthetik dentist will give you a full and tailored brief on how you can best prepare for dental implant surgery.

Their instructions will depend on your unique dental concerns. General guidelines may include what you can eat and drink pre-surgery and whether any medication is required.

The success of your surgery can depend on how well you prepare, so it is crucial to follow their instructions closely.

How Do I Take Care Of Dental Implants?

When it comes to taking care of dental implants, the first and most important step is consistency. Just like with natural teeth, it is crucial to brush at least twice a day and floss daily. It’s also important to schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to ensure that your dental implant is in good health and proper functioning. 

In addition, avoiding hard, acidic or sticky foods, as well as tobacco products, can prolong the life of your dental implants — as it does your regular teeth. 

Taking care of your implants may require a bit more effort, but the long-term benefits are well worth it. 

How Soon After Tooth Extraction Can You Have An Implant?

There is a range of reasons you might need to have a tooth extraction — gum disease, infection, and broken teeth being the most common. Following an extraction, many people want to have the gap filled as soon as possible.

The time you need to wait between tooth extraction and implant procedures will vary depending on the reason for the extraction and your overall dental health. Some dentists may recommend waiting 3 months, some may be happy to perform the implant procedure sooner.

We encourage all patients to book an appointment with our friendly team to receive a tailored answer to this question.

What To Expect During A Dental Implant Procedure?

Aésthetik Dental aims to ensure our clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision about their dental care.

We can insert dental implants in Melbourne in three easy steps. 

First, book a smile consultation with our experienced and friendly team so we can better understand your dental concerns and what steps are required to create your dream smile. We will also check the density of your jaw bone with an x-ray and confirm that the gap in your smile is large enough for an implant.

Next, we will use Digital Smile Design technology to show you a live simulation of your new smile — complete with your new teeth. 


Finally, once you have approved our plan, we will organise the procedure itself. 

How Long Does A Dental Implant Last?

With proper care, a dental implant can last for a significant period of time — usually around 20 years or possibly even longer.

It is important to take care of implants as much as you would your actual teeth. This means brushing and flossing every day and visiting the dentist regularly for check-ups.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

At Aésthetik Dental, we understand that visiting the dentist can be an anxious experience for many people. As such, we aim to create a calm, welcoming environment and provide our patients with as much information as possible so that they understand the procedure and what to expect.

While dental implants are unlikely to cause any considerable discomfort, pain tolerance levels vary between patients. We encourage you to speak to your Aésthetik dentist during your smile consultation if this is an area of concern for you.

How Much Does A Dental Implant Cost In Melbourne?

At Aésthetik Dental, we’re proud to offer our clients affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions. We’re passionate about ensuring that each and every one of our patients is able to achieve their dream smile.

With that in mind, we offer a range of payment plans to increase the accessibility of our services. Aésthetik Dental has partnered with leading payment plan agencies, including zipPay, Afterpay, humm, and Openpay to help you start your smile journey as soon as possible.

From the starting price of $4990, we offer a free consultation, Smile Simulation, dental implant, and crown.

For high-quality and affordable teeth implants in Melbourne, contact the Aésthetik Dental team today.


Before Dental Implants After Dental Implants
Before Teeth Implants After Dental Implants
Before Dental Implants After Dental Implants

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