Dental Wellness Check

A dental wellness scan is a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health conducted by our dental practitioners. It is a diagnostic aid without the use of radiation and is designed to assess the overall well-being of your teeth, gums and surrounding mucosa and highlight any potential dental issues or concerns.

The benefits


5D Intraoral Scanning:

The scanner generates precise 5D imaging of dental structures, enabling our practitioners to evaluate for signs of gum disease, such as plaque, redness or swelling between the teeth and gums.


Heat Mapping Technology:

Assessing hot spot areas and colour codes the bite and jaw function to check for issues like misalignment, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, or teeth grinding.


Full-Colour Imaging:

Captures images in full colour and enables the examination of existing dental work, such as fillings, crowns, or bridges, to ensure they are in good condition.


Niri-Infrared Imaging:

Near-infrared imaging technology is used for early cavities detection by highlighting demineralized enamel that may not be visible in dentist examinations.


Oral Cancer Screening:

An examination to check for any signs of oral cancer, which may include looking for unusual lumps, sores, or discolourations in the mouth.

Why 5D?

The scanner uses laser imaging to replicate a direct visual picture of your mouth and teeth; there is no radiation involved. It’s the first hybrid dental imaging system that simultaneously records 3D, intraoral colour and NIRI images to assess the health of your teeth and gums.

A scan at a glance.

3D Digital Impressions

Interproximal caries detection aid with niri

Intraoral Camera

Oral Cancer Screening

Real-time Visualisation


We’ve wrapped up some of the common questions in our FAQs below.

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