Aesthetik burst into the dental scene with a brand new, innovative concept which is set to revolutionise. Our mission is to deliver an unforgettable experience with a focus on patient comfort. With an unwavering passion, we are set to change the landscape of Dentistry in Australia. When you visit our locations, you will see first-hand the creativity and ambience of our space, conveniently located in the high-end precinct of leading Shopping Centres.

The Power of Space

Creating a luxury interior is so much more than just designing an interior. It takes huge creativity, courage, and experience to develop the depth and character of what Aesthetik was set to achieve.

In the initial design process, we wanted to ensure our environment was able to meet the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of our patients. We connect ourselves to the spaces we occupy, and they become parts of who we are, parts of our memories, emotions, and thoughts. In order to bring our vision to life, we visually immersed ourselves in the space to allow us to discover practical solutions and uncover the hidden potential.

Our vision was to change the stigma around Dentistry and create not only a new dental environment design but a whole new approach. We are proud to be the first clinic to launch this concept and bring a sense of well-being and affluence to Dentistry. Luxury has become more than just an assurance of quality– it is about creating an emotional response and fostering brand loyalty.

Our Project

Aesthetik Dental is unlike any other dental clinic; its glamorous textured walls, sophisticated styling and technology paired with luxurious scent, florals and glowing candlelight truly offers an unforgettable dental experience. Creating the right ambience for our patients is focused through our exceptional 6 star concierge experience and through our serene and inviting atmosphere. Our mission is to leave our innovative footprint and passion for cosmetic dentistry Australia wide in all major shopping centres.

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