Hismile Intro


Professional in-chair whitening has been one of the most wanted dental services and is an effective way to reverse years of staining and produce a brighter looking smile. Typically, the whitening formula will feature hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening ingredient, or carbamide peroxide which is a slower release form of hydrogen peroxide and is typically considered a safer option. Although effective in achieving your results the most common feedback we have received is the effects of hypersensitivity after the use of hydrogen peroxide in chair whitening. Hismile have now announced their option for professional whitening that completely avoids the possible negative side effects that typically occur. Hismile has produced a professional in-chair whitening treatment that is not only comfortable for the patient but also achieves the white smile patients are wanting.


So what’s the difference between Phillips Zoom whitening and Hismile’s new professional treatment? Well quite a few things actually, so let’s break them down. Firstly, the Phillips Zoom whitening formula is based on a more traditional whitening approach using a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide to break down stains within your teeth. This formula is fast acting however is known to causes dehydration to your teeth. As a result aftercare for this treatment means you need to avoid all types of staining food and drink for around 1 week after treatment to prevent further staining from occurring during the rehydration process. Hismile’s treatment on the other hand, utilises their patented PAP+ formulation to whiten teeth. The active whitening ingredient is Phthalimidoperoxycaproicacid (or PAP for short), and it works to break down stains in a very similar way to peroxide through a process known as oxidation. What makes PAP unique is its ability to oxidise tooth stains without affecting the mineral structure of your tooth in any way, this means your tooth can continue to protect itself from the external factors that cause sensitivity. The perks to this formula is that this formula not only achieves whiter teeth, it contains Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Citrate, two ingredients that are designed to strengthen and soothe your enamel.

The Treatment:

For reversing years of staining, whitening procedures are effective however often attached with the stigma of discomfort. Hydrogen peroxide is classified as a skin irritant and in order to use this product safely, dental professionals apply a protective liquid gum shield to the soft tissue in your mouth. Hismile on the other hand have created their formula with PAP+ which results in no soft tissue irritation whatsoever, this means no gum shield is required for the whitening procedure and no negative side effects to your gums. The Hismile professional in-office treatment now offers a faster, pain-free way to whiten. Each treatment typically takes 45-60 minutes and requires no post-op care due to the gentle ingredients. This means you don’t need to stick to a low-stain diet for a week and after a few hours you can return to your normal dietary and lifestyle behaviour.


So the biggest question is, how do the results stack up? We’ve put it to the test ourselves and so have hundreds of dentists around Australia, and the results are impressive. Hismile’s PAP+ professional treatment is a pain-free solution with the formula assuring no tooth sensitivity or gum irritation and a faster treatment time. This type of whitening preserves the health of your smile and produces a very bright natural shade of white; results that don’t look artificial but rather healthy and natural, due to its PAP+ formula which causes no mineral or protein loss from the tooth.


So what option is best for you? Both treatments offer effective whitening results, if you’re looking for a brighter smile then both Hismile PAP+ and Phillips Zoom will be able to provide that. At Aesthetik dental we are excited to be able to offer our patients the choice to select the whitening treatment best suited for your results and dental health requirements. Our Dental practitioners will perform a free assessment of your smile and advise what they believe would be the best option for your teeth. If you’re someone who suffers from sensitivity or doesn’t want to risk experiencing sensitivity at all, then Hismile definitely has the solution for you. Not only will Hismile’s PAP+ formula not cause sensitivity, but it will also work to replace lost minerals back into your tooth. Book your whitening treatment today at your chosen Aesthetik Dental location.

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