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The past few years has seen teeth whitening become one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures
Whether you have an upcoming special occasion or have been dreaming of a white, bright smile for some time now, Aésthetik Dental is your top destination for teeth whitening in Geelong. Book a free smile consultation today to discuss your options.

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Patients often comment how their experience at Aesthetik Dental has helped them smile again, gain a new sense of confidence, and changed their perception of dentistry. We invite you to hear their stories and witness the results for yourself.

Zoom Teeth Whitening In Geelong

When it comes to in-chair teeth whitening, our experienced team use only the best equipment to ensure you’re more than satisfied with the end result. Our dentists have been trained in Australia’s leading Philips professional Zoom teeth whitening, which incorporates LED light to maximise results in a minimal time frame. We work hard to create a welcoming environment and ensure that patients are comfortable at all times. The Zoom teeth whitening settings are adjustable, meaning you can tailor treatment to your needs and preferences. Put your smile in safe hands by opting for Aésthetik Dental.

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Types Of Whitening


In Chair Teeth Whitening

If you’re looking for immediate and impactful results, choose in-chair teeth whitening. This procedure is performed in our clinics and takes just an hour to transform your smile with up to 8-12 shades of whiter teeth.

Our dental practitioners are authorised to administer high levels of peroxide, meaning you can expect results to last for up to 12 months.


Take Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Some patients prefer the convenience of a take-home whitening kit. Offering visible results in as little as a week, our kits contain a lower percentage of peroxide and are often suggested as a maintenance option following an in-chair procedure.

Keep in mind, however, that some stains are more stubborn than others and may not respond to take-home Zoom whitening.

Real Talk

Given the rapid growth it has experienced, you may have heard that the teeth-whitening industry is largely unregulated. What makes Aésthetik Dental different?

We don’t need to tell you that your smile is one of your biggest assets, so it makes sense to trust a clinic with trained, experienced dental professionals. Many beauty salons offering teeth whitening services don’t have appropriate qualifications, meaning you risk damaging your teeth by seeking out their services.

Aésthetik Dental is different — we care about the appearance and functionality of your teeth and won’t recommend a procedure unless we know it will benefit your smile. We will also conduct a professional clean prior to Zoom teeth whitening, alongside a post-whitening re-mineralisation procedure, to maximise results.

In addition, salons often face restrictions on the concentration of teeth whitening solution they can use. A salon may not be able to assist with deep staining, and you may have to make several appointments to see any noticeable difference in your smile.

For Zoom whitening in Geelong that offers real results, trust Aésthetik Dental.

Cost of Teeth Whitening

$ 395
  • 1 hour in chair whitening
  • Limited examination
$ 495
  • 1 hour in chair whitening
  • Express dental clean
  • Limited examination

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Learn more about what to expect from our cosmetic dentistry services with our frequently asked questions.

Your lifestyle habits, the type of treatment you receive, and other variables will all have an impact on the long-term effectiveness of teeth whitening.

Certain teeth-whitening procedures, like in-chair teeth whitening, are significantly more effective and long-lasting than others, like a take-home kit.

Teeth whitening is no different from any other type of dental procedure in that your general hygiene, including how often your brush and floss, as well as the types of food and drinks you consume, will all have an effect on how long you can expect whitening to last.

Hydrogen peroxide may sound like a harmful chemical, but it’s actually the main ingredient in teeth-whitening products.

The formula strength and length of time hydrogen peroxide spends applied to your teeth are two factors that need to be considered when considering the safety of this chemical.

The team of experts at Aésthetik Dental Geelong understands this and will only perform the procedure if we’re sure no damage will be done to your teeth. By seeking out teeth whitening in Geelong elsewhere, you can’t be confident of the same care and attention to detail.

Prior to seeking our teeth whitening, you may have tried another cosmetic dentistry service, like caps or veneers, to help achieve your dream smile. Caps and veneers are typically made of porcelain or ceramic, depending on the type.

It’s important to know that teeth whitening will only bring these materials back to their natural state; the procedure cannot whiten them beyond this hue. Understanding this means you can book cosmetic dentistry procedures in the correct order to maximise results.

At Aésthetik Dental, we’re passionate about helping our patients build their confidence and functional dental health. If you’re considering more than one procedure, we encourage you to book a smile consultation today to speak with our team.

It seems like everyone these days is after a whiter, brighter smile. The majority of patients will find that teeth whitening is a safe and recommended procedure. A pre-procedure consultation with our team will enable us to confirm this or suggest alternative options.

While most people can have their teeth whitened, those whose teeth are stained due to injury, medication or genetics may not find the results as dramatic as a patient suffering from discolouration caused by food or drink. If you fall into the former category, there may be other cosmetic procedures better suited to your needs.

For experienced, quality Zoom teeth whitening in Geelong, contact Aésthetik Dental today.

The answer to this question predominantly comes down to the level of knowledge, experience, and qualifications of the person performing the procedure.

Providing that the procedure is performed by a qualified dentist who conducts an appropriate examination prior to treatment, teeth whitening poses little risk to your dental health.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the teeth whitening industry is largely unregulated. Many beauty salons advertise teeth whitening services, which are performed by people with limited training and understanding of how teeth whitening can affect your functional dental health.

The team at Aésthetik Dental will perform a free smile consultation to confirm you are an appropriate candidate for teeth whitening in Geelong before recommending any products or treatments. We offer functional and cosmetic services, and our qualifications enable us to perform procedures using high concentrates of hydrogen peroxide, increasing effectiveness and durability.

A beauty salon, on the other hand, will be limited in the products they can use due. You may need to attend multiple appointments and are unlikely to be as impressed with the results.

To us, the choice is simple — opt for Aésthetik Dental for teeth whitening in Geelong.

Sensitive teeth is an issue most of us want to avoid: it can cause pain when eating and significantly impact your quality of life. Some people believe that hydrogen peroxide can strip your tooth enamel, meaning teeth whitening increases your risk of developing sensitive teeth.

This is a risk only if the procedure is performed by an unqualified individual. The team at Aésthetik Dental understands what concentration of product to apply and for how long in order to help brighten and whiten your teeth without causing damage. While you may experience mild sensitivity immediately following your treatment, this should only last a few short hours.

One of the benefits of making an appointment with our team is that we will also perform a pre-treatment assessment to determine your teeth don’t have any weaknesses that increase the likelihood of enamel damage.

The specific procedure you choose (in-chair or take-home teeth whitening), as well as other factors, may affect how long you must wait to eat and drink after a whitening treatment.

While it’s true that certain beverages, particularly tea and coffee, increase the likelihood of stained teeth, your Aésthetik dentist will be able to provide a more detailed and accurate response depending on your oral health.

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