Smiling is the new Black!

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite reasons to smile — check them out below and see if you’re convinced:


Smiles are like medicine

When you smile so big you show all your teeth and squint your eyes, you’re actually boosting your immune system by decreasing cortisol in your body. Ipso facto…


Smiling helps you live longer

Smiling not only boosts your immune system, but a big, happy grin also releases endorphins, making you a generally happier person and decreasing your blood pressure in the process.


A smile really does turn that frown upside down

Studies show that if you’re feeling stressed, over extended, or just having a really bad day –  forcing yourself to smile can actually trick the brain into making you feel happier. When you smile, you boost endorphin output which forces you to, quite literally, take a deep breath and cope.


Smiling leads to more promotions

Smiling makes you appear happier, more sociable and approachable, and more confident. When your boss is looking to promote someone from a pool of similarly qualified candidates, it is these character traits that will set you apart from the rest.


Smiling is actually contagious

A study in Sweden determined that people actually have difficulty frowning when they’re staring at a smile. In fact, their muscles actually involuntarily twitched into smiles!


Smiling Starts Early

Babies smile in their sleep from the get-go, as smiling is an inherent facial expression and not learned by imitating. Even blind babies smile!


There are 19 different types of smiles

A UC-San Francisco researcher identified 19 different types of smiles ranging from the genuine Duchenne smile, to flirtatious, to fake, to embarrassed. We’re nuanced, people!


Smiling is exercise

So naturally — if you smile, you can skip the gym. No but really — you work out approximately 10 different muscles each time you smile! It actually takes more muscles to smile than to frown so…Work it out!


Smiles are more attractive than makeup

Studies show that women are more attractive with just a smile than with a full face of makeup. Not sure about you — but this is seriously making me rethink my morning routine!



Yep, we give you a big reason to smile! Here at Candid, one thing’s clear: An Aesthetik smile is one investment you won’t be sorry about.