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Aesthetik Smile Smart Club

The World’s First Remote Hygiene & Whitening Monitoring Service
Using Dental Monitoring’s powerful Al, it has never been easier for you to monitor your oral health remotely – offering convenience and peace of mind in the comfort of your home.

Each scan is a complete assessment of your:

  • icon_tick Oral Hygiene
  • icon_tick The colour of your teeth
  • icon_tick Prevention of Decay and Gum Disease
  • icon_tick Assessment of your tooth home oral care routine
  • icon_tick Staining of your Teeth
  • icon_tick Whitening level of your enamel
  • icon_tick When to come in for an Appointment

How it works

With the DentalMonitoring app and DM ScanBox, you can now send in photos of your teeth and communicate with our team securely from the comfort of your home — or anywhere in the world.

4 easy steps

RRP $350.00/yr OR $29/mo/
  • 12 Month Plan Quarterly Hygiene Scans (4 Scans per Yr)
  • PLUS 1x Free Clean (per Year)
  • + $100 Discount on in chair whitening treatment
  • Savings of $199
RRP $470.00/yr OR $39.95/mo/
  • 12 Month Plan Monthly Scans (12 Hygiene Scans per Yr)
  • PLUS 1x Free Clean and x-rays (per Year)
  • + $150 Discount on next whitening along with a free double whitening pen top up.
  • Savings of $450
Smile Now, Pay Later

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