Event Two: Back 2 School

Come in and join us in an introductory event discussing all things oral hygiene! This event is focused on educating children on brushing technique and healthy dietary options that aid in good oral hygiene. We will have fun games and activities for everyone to be involved in.

Free Dental Examinations and Dental Cleans will be provided for all children on the day!

Event Three: All things Orthodontic

It’s no secret that there are now more ways than ever to straighten your teeth. While braces are still generally considered the only way to straighten your teeth, clear aligner brands like Invisalign or smile styler are shaking things up in the orthodontic world by offering a clear alternative to the metal wires. Come and join us in a Q&A event night with live demonstrations on the process involved and assessing if you are a candidate. Giveaways and discounts will be available on the day!

Event Four: Veneers and cosmetic dentistry

It is no secret that veneers are the biggest celebrity craze! Porcelain veneers are popular because they give you the freedom to achieve your dream smile, in one simple procedure. Come and join us at our Q&A event presenting information about veneers and the process involved. Free assessments will be held on the day and scans to determine if you are a suitable candidate!